Claims we make – PPI claims

Thousands of people across the UK have already made or are currently making PPI claims worth thousands of pounds. So could you!

If you took out Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) alongside a loan, credit card, hire purchase agreement, store card, car finance or even a mortgage there is a very strong possibility that the insurance could have been mis-sold meaning that you are out of pocket.

There are a myriad of exclusions that could render your PPI useless. If you weren’t made aware of these issues, then the cover has been mis-sold.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has deemed that due to mis-selling many individuals are able to make a PPI claim and successfully reclaim all their unfair payments.

The easiest way to make a PPI claims is to allow a specialist such as ourselves to make them on your behalf. It really is quicker and easier to let us do all the legal-work, paperwork and legwork for your claim than if you were to do all the hard work yourself.

At Harringtons Advisory we don’t ask you for money up front. You can join the thousands of people that have made successful PPI compensation claims by filling out the quick and easy online form. We’re not completely against mortgage, loan and income PPI; when sold correctly they can all be invaluable.